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Our Services

  • Supervised Visitations

  • Emergency Services

  • Exchanges

  • Virtual Visits

  • Mediation


  • High Conflict 

  • Custody Battles

  • Domestic Violence

  • Substance Abuse

  • Abuse Allegations

  • Reunification

  • Flight Risk

  • Mental Health History


Highly Recommended

Angie S.

Marie has been the supervisor for us for years and she does an outstanding job caring for my children.

Luke M.

My ex is a handful. Marie was able to help diffuse conflict and my ex and my child's relationship grew stronger. 

Michelle B.

Marie has a great way of handling difficult situations with her clients. She is friendly and professional and the children feel comfortable and safe with her.


Wendy S.

Marie is a diligent supervisor, and I always felt safe when my children were with her. She put my mind at ease during a difficult time. I recommend her and Abound Visitation highly.

Jacque T.

Kaylani Q.

Marie was the supervisor for my visitation with my children in 2021. She was very flexible as to scheduling visits and always on time to the visits. My children were very comfortable with Marie and even asked about her after my visits were no longer supervised. I was able to enjoy my time with my children without feeling uncomfortable. I was able to pick different local places for us to enjoy our time and not have to be in the same place over and over. Overall I highly recommend using her services for your family matters.

For any parent who simply just wants to see their baby/child, but their only option is to pay for a supervisor or have the other party supervise your visits. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ABOUND VISITATION!!!! Her name is Marie Hamilton. I first emailed her and within a few days she contacted me. I informed her that the other party is very difficult to deal with, and with my situation it involved communicating with the father and his family. I wasn't expecting nor wanting any special treatment. I just wanted to see my son without any judgement, or conflict, and to work with my always changing work schedule. Marie not only made sure my visits were consistent but if i had any special request she ALWAYS TRIED to make it happen. When finding a supervisor you want someone who truly cares about your situation. Someone who understands that this affects YOUR LIFE. Someone who cares more about your relationship with your child than the money. Marie always did her best to make sure both parties were informed and did her best to make sure both parties followed the agreed time to the best of their abilities. CALL OR EMAIL HER!!!!

Find Family Law Attorneys

Looking for Family Law Attorneys? Click the link below to find a list of trusted attorneys in the area. 

Find Parenting Evaluators

Parent Evaluators are sometimes appointed by the courts through Family Court Services. If you have been advised to find your own, we've found a list of providers that may help.


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