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We are here to provide an abounding service to families in our community. Our goal is to always protect the best interest of children and vulnerable adults involved in high conflict situations, custody battles, domestic violence, and abuse allegations. We provide comfortable, conflict free, neutral, and solution focused visitation services.

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Happy Family

Supervised Visits

Every parent has the right to have visitation time with their child. Sometimes that time is ordered by the court to be facilitated alongside a third-party provider. Supervised Visits allows parents to continue or reunify their bond with their child in a safe, conflict free environment. This eliminates confrontations and places greater focus on relationship, spending quality time and consistency. 


A Custody Exchange allows parents to transfer custodial time by means of using a third party provider. 

Online Studies

Virtual Visits

Virtual Supervised Visits are sometimes put in place because parents live in different states. Other times, telephone calls are ordered as a part of visitation time. Virtual services can be a stand-alone service or in combination with in-person services. AVFS offers services through Zoom or Webex. 

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